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Melissa suffered a broken neck from a car accident and received life-saving neurosurgical treatment from Dr. Jeffrey Oppenheim at the Orange Regional Medical Center’s Trauma Center. Dr. Oppenheim’s care allowed Melissa to return to activities she enjoys and to continue to fulfill her dreams.

“I trusted Dr. Oppenheim. He came in there confident. He told me he’s done this a thousand times before.”

Melissa, Age 24, Pine Bush, NY

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I honestly owe my life to him.


I am so thankful for Dr. Oppenheim. He is an expert in the field of neurosurgery & master of his craft. When we met I had a complete SCI. Zero movement, zero sensation from the sight of my thoracic injury down through my toes. With the severity of my injury; VERY few patients ever walk again. Time was of the essence & the surgeon’s skill would determine my future & potential quality of life. Dr. Oppenheim exceeded any realistic expectation that my family & I had and unanimously recommend him!!!!


Dr. Degen is the absolute best. He explained everything in detail and listened to all questions. In addition, the surgery that he performed was MUCH less invasive then our first opinion. Almost immediately after surgery my husband felt feelings in his fingers again and NO PAIN except for a bit from the surgical site. But no cervical neck pain. A month later my husband is doing great and the PT staff (at a separate facility) are thrilled at how well he is coming along! Dr. Degen and his staff A++


I recently developed a foot drop due to a slipped disk which caused me great anxiety and loss of function. I searched for a top neurosurgeon and was referred by many sources to Dr. Jeffrey Oppenheim. Everyone I spoke to who had used him or heard of him spoke with incredibly high regard and respect. I had surgery by him and it was an incredible success. He is a gentleman and a scholar and a world class neurosurgeon. Anyone who is fortunate to use him will be happy. He is a role model for medicine.

Don Zwickler

Dr. Degen made an extremely difficult experience bearable. He removed a tumor from my Husbands spine and had him back to work in within the year. We are so incredibly grateful to
have found him.


Great doctor made me feel at ease had neck fusion surgery after the surgery had no more pain I can now live my life again

Brett Hennessy

Dr. Degen and his staff are very personable. He explained my procedure in a straight forward manner, to which was understood. He has an easy going personality and makes you feel at ease. I highly recommend him. If I needed any more surgery I wouldn’t hesitant to seeing him again.


I had back surgery on Oct. 31, 2017 at Good Samaritan Hospital. Doctor Jeffrey Oppenheim performed the operation. My surgery went off without a hitch. And after 39 years of dealing with lower back pain, multiple epidurals and physical therapy, I finally feel pain free only three weeks removed. I could not recommend a more straight-shooting, competent and very professional surgeon than Dr. Oppenheim. And his office staff, personable & professional, is first rate. Thanks Doc. Thanks Marjorie.

Rich Cunningham

I had severe pain for months and saw several doctors. There seemed to be no end in sight. I was referred to Dr. Degen who immediately knew what was wrong and how to fix it. Although I was petrified to have surgery, Dr. Degen’s very confident, intelligent and calm demeanor relaxed me some. He also explained things more thoroughly than anyone else had. I had my surgery and woke up pain free. Its been 3 weeks and I’m still pain free. Would recommend anyone needing a surgical consult see Dr. Degen. You won’t find a better doctor!


I recently had an operation on my lumbar l1 & l2 Dr. Oppenheim performed the surgery and was very professional in regard to his practice . He did what he said and performed the surgery with the confidence that he demands of himself. I’m 7 weeks post and the chronic pain that I had disappeared. I recommend Dr. Oppenheim to all that need his expertise. His staff is the friendly and willing to explain any questions that you may have.

Jodi Peckler

My experience with Dr. Degen was the best possibly imagined for me. The thoughts of needing Spinal surgery petrified me. I saw 2 Neurosurgeons prior to seeing Dr. Degen. The moment I met him I knew I was in the right place. His calm, confident, professional mannerism put me at ease immediately. I accepted the treatment advised. I needed cervical spine surgery. Prior to surgery I was in excruciating pain for months with increased paralysis. When I awoke from surgery I literally felt like a new person! I was totally pain-free for the first time in years. It has been 2 years since and I thank God for him every day! He gave me my life back.


Excellent review of this doctor. So glad I made the appointment and finally scheduled laminectomy and lumbar fusion. Dr. Oppenheim offered excellent advice and had good bedside manner! Very easy to talk with. Thank you for everything.

S. Smith

I can’t begin to explain how grateful I am to Dr. Degen!! It has been 2 days since laminectomy/discectomy surgery and the excruciating pain that I have dealt with for the last 4 months is completely gone!!! I highly recommend Dr. Degen!! Thank you soooo much!!!

Another spine surgeon said I needed a fusion. Dr. Degen prescribed therapy and I am completely better without surgery. Everyone should see him for an opinion before having surgery!


Dear Doctor Oppenheim,
I am so grateful to you. I can walk without dragging my legs. You have the gift healing. Thank you for your care & concern. I keep you in my prayers.


Dear Dr. Degen,
While watching our two new V.I.P.s & heroes (President Obama & Capt. Sullenberger) on TV, I realized I had not given accolades to my personal hero and V.I.P. – YOU.

After three months of the most intense and unrelenting pain I had ever felt, after physical therapy, pain killer medication, & two spinal shots, I was ready for the surgery you described. You mentioned the dangers it might present to a person my age, but you seemed so confident, & allayed all of my fears.

Less than twenty-four hours after surgery I was walking with no pain. That was almost four months ago & I feel fine. Dr. Degen you are my hero. You saved this damsel when she could not utter distress. You also have a nice sense of humor. Thank you Dr. Degen for giving me freedom from pain and a chance to enjoy life once again. Thank you! Thank you!


Dear Dr. Oppemheim,
Please accept our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for all that you did to relieve my suffering. My husband and I will always be grateful for your willingness to go “above and beyond” to expedite my surgery – which gave me immediate relief from the most horrible and debilitating pain I’d ever experienced. God bless you!

Maureen & Bob

Dear Dr. Degen,
This letter is long overdue, but nonetheless sincere. It is meant to thank you so much for so promptly relieving my pain & enabling me to resume my normal active lifestyle within a short period of time.

I came to you in June in agonizing pain & relatively unable to walk. Within a week, I was in Good Samaritan Hospital, in your extremely capable hands, in the Operating Room where you repaired a disc herniation. Within a few hours of surgery, I was up on my feet walking, a task which was previously almost impossible. I was home the next day & slowly resumed my normal activities.

Although I am certain that you have heard this many times before, & I know you have operated on substantially more critical patients, I just wanted you to know how truly grateful & appreciative I am.

Your kind, sincere, unassuming manner, as well as your extremely pleasant & helpful office staff, made this experience much less stressful. Although many of my friends & family encouraged me to see a second opinion, after meeting & speaking with you, I felt no need to do so.

Thank you so very much for your surgical expertise as well as your calm, reassuring demeanor.

With much gratitude,

Dear Dr. Oppenheim,
Just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you did. I cannot thank you enough. You were so sure of everything & I felt so comfortable with you as my surgeon. Having two little kids, it was very stressful going through what I went through. You were absolutely amazing. My family could not be happier knowing I am, and will be okay. You are a very confident, kind & wonderful surgeon. I could not have asked for a better outcome. Thanks so much for everything.


Dear Dr. Degen,
I am writing to express my gratitude for the treatment I received at your hands last month. It is a great feeling to know that you have someone to rely on in times of need. I sincerely thank you for making me feel at home & helping me to be myself again. Because of you and your knowledge as a doctor, the world becomes a better place, no doubt, because of you! I believe that you are one of the best doctors in the world.
God bless you & thank you!


Dr. Oppenheim!
I was at my neurologist and saw you are now in the same building. I would have loved to give you a HUGE hug, but I know you are busy! Thank you once again for saving my life! You are and always will be my ‘Earth Angel’. I think of you often.

Truly yours,

I was so pleased to find out that I didn’t need surgery. Dr. Degen was warm, took his time and really seemed to care. I would strongly recommend him to everyone.


Dear Dr. Oppenheim,
This letter is to thank you and your wonderful staff for taking such excellent care of me. From my very first consultative visit, pre-surgery & post-surgery I was treated with the upmost professionalism and caring by everyone. Surgery can be difficult & scary, but you patiently explained the procedure and were quite confident that you discovered the reason for my neck pain; & you did! You made my husband & I feel at ease about the surgery & that was important to me. It has been a pleasure to know you. May God continue to guide your hands to be the outstanding surgeon that you are!

Again, thank you for everything. May you all be blessed for the good work you do.


Dr. Degen diagnosed and treated me quickly. He gave me such a sense of calm whenever I saw him. He is an extremely kind and caring Dr. You know you are in able hands when you have your consultation. Tarlov Cysts are a rare and widely misunderstood condition. Dr. Degen and his team are the top choice for anyone who may have had the misfortune of deing diagnosed with a Tarlov Cyst.


Dear Dr. Oppenheim,
I want to thank you and your staff for getting me through back surgery in the most comfortable, pleasant way possible.

From my first phone call with Dakota to make my first appointment with you for consultation, making an appointment & answering my initial questions was very pleasant. I was treated in a very courteous, considerate & accommodating manner.

I found the same courtesy & overall good feeling when coming to your office for my first appointment. Not only was I made to feel comfortable, but there was a general good feeling from everyone that works there that extends to the visiting patients.

Marjorie has gone above & beyond when it came to coordinating every aspect of my pre-and post-surgery needs. She continued to stay in contact with me & made herself available to me to contact her, if needed, after office hours on her own personal time. I can’t thank her enough for that. Having that extra communication was so helpful, so comforting & so very much appreciated during that time.

I feel like I’m already doing so much better since my recent surgery in February of this year. From my first consultation with you, I felt comfortable to follow through with the surgery. I appreciate that you advised me of the different options & took the time to really speak to me & really hear my questions & concerns. Although that should be customary practice with every medical professional, it is not always the case, so thank you for that.

Thank you also for the continued interest in how I’m doing & your input during my recent post surgery visit.

The thought of any kind surgery, and risk involved are frightening, and puts us in a very vulnerable position.

The care that comes from you & your staff isn’t something that’s taught.

Thank you all so much.


Dr. Degen is the most patient, thorough and thoughtful doctor I have ever seen. After 9 months of being in pain with no answers from 5 doctors, Dr. Degen diagnosed me, operated and now I am pain free. Love Love Love Dr. Degen!


Dear Dr. Oppenheim & Staff,
We cannot express enough the appreciation we feel for all that you & your staff has done for us. It is so nice to come into an office setting & always be warmly greeted. We are so thankful for the time, effort & care that everyone has shown & given us. You & your staff are wonderful!

With sincere gratitude,
Matt & Family

Excellent bedside manner and a great result from my back surgery–I was back to work in only a few days and am now pain free.


In general, I think a rating of professional should be left to professional to judge rather than end-user. As a patient, I can only rate it by my personal experience. I have an accident on the road and break my disc between C5-C6 and can barely feel my body at the site, I was sent to hospital, Dr. Oppenheim did the diagnostic and perform the ACDF surgery next day, it’s a very tough recovery with this kind of injury, but I’m able to get back to work in less than 3 months, and ran my first marathon 1 year after the surgery. And few weeks later (20 months after the surgery), I will go back to my Olympic Triathlon race. And my fitness level is actually better than where I was before the injury. I’m very pleased with the result. When I’m in hospital or during follow-up visit in his office, Dr. Oppenheim and his staff are always very friendly and polite, highly recommended.

Fred Yang

Dr. Oppenheim performed emergency surgery on my mom, not once, but twice within a month. We are thankful, and full of gratitude that we were able to entrust her care to such a skilled, personable doctor. Thank you very much.

Mrs. Christine Danns and Family

Dr. Oppenheim is a smart, caring, kind person. He shows great empathy to his patients. His knowledge to review films(MRI) and make recommendations was spot on for me. The surgery went just as he expected. I can’t recommend anyone else who is more qualified then Dr. Oppenheim. I am living proof of the success.

Vashti Belshazzar

I had a severe spinal stenosis the first doctor I visited suggested surgery and implanting a titanium device. The recovery from this TITANIUM procedure was going to take a while with a long stay in the hospital.
I got a second opinion from Dr. Oppenheim. He was going to perform a laminectomy to relieve the pain caused by pressure on my spinal cord with out implanting a titanium in my spine. I had my surgery with only an overnight stay in Nyack Hospital. When I came out of the effects of the anesthesia I felt no pain all. I was walking on my own the second dayIt’s been eight days and the stenosis pain is gone and only slight itch from the healing of the surgery stiches.
If I needed to have this surgery done again, I would have it done with Dr. Jeffrey Oppenheim without hesitation.George Edrich

Excellent care!!!! I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Oppenheim! His standard of care and follow up treatment is incredible.

Jacquelyn Ryan

100% A-1. Never felt better. Thank you again. Kevin Smith.Dr. Oppenheim recently performed surgery on my spine. He was caring and professional, I highly recommend him. I was in a lot of pain prior to surgery, now I’m pain free, he gave me back my life. Thank You.

Christian Towey

I would like to express my sincerest appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Jeffrey Oppenheim for his talent and surgical skill that has not only restored my health, but greatly improved my long term quality of life. I had been suffering from (April 2017) a pain that had ‘taken up residence’ in my upper back/right arm which caused a burning, throbbing, pins/needle pulsation that often made my days ‘uncomfortable’ and nights ‘unbearable’. As an ex athlete and active ‘old guy’ (63), in denial that my body would ever fail me, I was sure it was something that would work itself out, so I powered thru each day (at the gym or in the yard) hoping and praying that tomorrow would bring that cure. However, truth is, tomorrow only brought more pain and suffering.Skip to early November and simply put, I now needed a miracle worker which I was fortunate to find in the person of Dr. Oppenheim, on November 9th, 2017, when I met at his office for an MRI read/consultation.

Dr. Oppenheim welcomed me behind his desk to review my MRI pinpointing and detailing the spinal issue I was experiencing, its vertebrae location, and in a very calm and confident manner assured me he could significantly reduce, if not totally eliminate my pain. He was forthcoming in also stating that some nerve damage may be permanent as my condition was untreated over an extended period of time, so total healing was not a guarantee.

I, albeit not thrilled with the prospect of spinal surgery, was comforted in Dr. Oppenheim’s knowledge, explanation and honesty. The positive confidence he verbally conveyed assured me that he was the right man to perform my Surgery, which we scheduled shortly thereafter.

It has been a little more than two weeks since the operation, and I am pleased to report that I am in FULL RECOVERY with NO PAIN whatsoever, in my back or arm. I am 100% pain free !

To Dr. Oppenheim and his team and at Oppenheim & Degen Neurological Surgeons, words cannot express my sincere gratitude for returning to me a quality of life that I will always appreciate. My admiration and respect for your talent, and the gift of a pain free day is beyond words.

Thank you again and God Bless you and your wonderful team and staff!

Arthur P. Barone Jr.

I have had two very successful surgery’s with Dr. Oppenheim. First not only is he a great surgeon he has been a good and honest man. He is easy to talk with and talks with you so you understand everything that is going on before, during and after surgery. He treats you like a real person and not just another patient. He went out of his way to get my insurance company to cooperate with who I wanted to have the surgery with. I only wanted Dr. Oppenheim to perform the surgery because of the success I had with him before and my insurance company denied the surgery at first but Dr. Oppenheim and his team got me approved. I would recommend Dr. Oppenheim to anybody needing back surgery. I think he is best man for the job and I would never go to anybody else. I have had two very successful surgeries and I will be able to live my life as a normal man.

Joel Badalucco

I had a discectomy/laminectomy with Dr. Oppenheim in March 2018. Despite it being an emergency situation, he and his PA really took the time explain the procedure, and answer all of my questions before going into the OR. The surgery itself was beyond successful. I went in barely able to walk and was back on my feet virtually pain free almost immediately. Even though it’s only been a few months, Dr. Oppenheim has given me my life back. Not only is he a skilled surgeon, he cares about his patients on a personal level. If you ever need a neurosurgeon, he’s your guy.

Cassie Kochem

They are the best, I had neck surgery with Dr. Oppenheim – back to work 3 days later pain free.

Marc Berezin

Very professional – took time to listen. All the staff are wonderful.

Bob Lobbe Jr.

I was referred to Dr. Oppenheim for a neck injury. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to visit him at his office before being admitted to the hospital in extreme pain. Dr. Oppenheim came to see me and after reviewing my MRI sat down with me and my wife and explained everything and the surgery. Dr. Oppenheim reassured me my pain would be gone and strength returned. The hospital staff all said I was in good hands. Everyone couldn’t be more right. Should have seen him sooner.


Dr. Oppenheim is kind, gentle, and fully explains every procedure.

Jennifer Hyzer

This doctor is my guardian angel. I was otherwise healthy and was having symptoms of numbness in both upper and lower extremities and my ability to walk normal was rapidly changing. I went to a couple neurologists who did not show any sign for alarm. I could not easily get an appointment for a neurosurgeon. When I contacted Dr. Oppenheim’s office, his staff were all compassionate, helpful and scheduled me in immediately. It turned out that I had severe cervical spinal cord compression and it required urgent surgery. Dr. Oppenheim and his staff were so efficient in expediting my surgery. If I had delayed any further treatment, I would be confined to a wheel chair today. I am on the mend and would recommend Dr. Oppenheim to anyone without hesitation! He truly saved my quality of life.

Self-Verified Patient

I was admitted into the hospital on 3/19/18. After 7 days of being misdiagnosed Dr. Jeffery Oppenheim was called in to consult on my case. He is my guardian angel. He discovered that I required emergency back surgery to correct the problem that was causing my pain. Dr. Jeffery Oppenheim and his staff are Professional and caring individuals. Any questions or concerns that you may have they are there to help you. Dr. Jeffery Oppenheim is the reason why I am able to walk today. My family and I will be forever grateful to Dr. Jeffery Oppenheim.

Brenda G.

Excellent Doctor. Conservative in his approach, but gave me my mobility back. Very caring, and excellent support staff.

Allen Klopfer

Had surgery with Dr. Oppenheim recently. This was my first surgery ever. After more than 30 years of pain and discomfort, I am finally back to my old self again. I would recommend Dr. Oppenheim to anyone who wants a well-qualified and compassionate surgeon to address their condition.


I was referred to Dr. Oppenheim by my neurologist as I had extreme weakness in my lower extremities, was unable to walk without a walker and could not go up steps. Basically, was housebound and needed assistance with ADLs. From entering the office his staff was very pleasant and answered all my questions. Dr. Oppenheim then explained that surgery would prevent any further deterioration of my physical problems and that it could possibly improve my existing problems. I am presently under going physical therapy and feel significant improvement. Would highly recommend Dr. Oppenheim

Jane Morgan and Gladys De Freese

I just had a triple laminectomy for severe spinal stenosis with Dr. Oppenheim. Even before entering his office, Dr. O. had already thoroughly reviewed my MRI and explained in precise, laymen terms why surgery was advised, & possible surgical interventions depending on his in-operative findings. Dr. O’s experience and concern was clear. Dr. Oppenheim and his staff were available, kind, and informative. With each step I take I am forever grateful.

Wendy A Epstein

Dr. Oppenheim holds a very special place in my family. 20 years ago, he saved my daughter’s life, and then 10 years later, he was part of the team that saved mine. Dr. Oppenheim will forever be very special in our hearts.

Diane Umstetter

Thanks to Dr. Oppenheim and his team he diagnosed my condition of Cauda equina syndrome and did emergency surgery giving me the ability to be mobile and not paralyzed for the rest of my life.

Roy Schoenleber

After a C1-C3 spinal cord tumor I owe my life to Dr. Degen. Every morning when I open my eyes and put my feet on the floor, I thank God and bless Dr. Degen.

Christine Smith

Dr. Oppenheim is thoughtful and considerate and exudes an air of confidence and professionalism. I left the consultation now looking forward to the surgery. I am now four weeks post-surgery and have returned mostly to my normal activities. Although everyone’s recovery period differs, I believe mine to be possible due extensively to the expertise of the surgical skills of Dr. Oppenheim

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