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A cervical microdiscectomy is a procedure using a microscope and microsurgical tools to remove a portion of damaged spinal disc in the neck.

A herniated or damaged cervical disc may be causing chronic pain in your neck. When non-surgical treatments aren’t enough to cure your pain, a cervical microdiscectomy may offer the relief you desire. This procedure involves the careful removal of the herniated or damaged part of the disc that pressures nearby nerves and causes your pain.

With fewer risks and faster recoveries, Oppenheim and Degen Neurological Surgeons offers cervical microdiscectomy as a treatment option for a variety of back and neck conditions. Using minimally invasive techniques, this form of discectomy removes as little muscle as possible, making your post-operative pain far more manageable. With a cervical microdiscectomy, you can expect to leave our offices on the day of or the day after your surgery.

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