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Offering you the most advanced surgical techniques to make your surgery safer and your recovery faster.

From your initial consultation right through your final post-operative check-up, you will speak directly with your dedicated Oppenheim & Degen Neurological Surgeons board-certified neurosurgeon. To ensure the highest quality care, your surgeon will develop your personalized treatment plan and carefully explain your options. If it’s determined that surgery is the best treatment for your condition, your neurosurgeon will explain the procedure and help you to understand what to expect during your recovery process.

Whenever possible, your dedicated neurosurgeon will recommend a minimally invasive procedure that typically gets you home the same day and back to what’s possible in your life as quickly as possible. Our surgeons are experts in microneurosurgery and use the latest in advanced computer guidance systems at each hospital including Zeiss microscopes, STEALTH navigation, endoscopic surgery, and percutaneous surgical therapies.

To help you get an understanding of the types of surgical treatments performed by our expert team of experienced neurosurgeons, please review the Treatments information provided on the site.

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With decades of experience, our dedicated team of top, board-certified neurosurgeons is experienced in the latest surgical techniques and technologies that work effectively to minimize risk, reduce post-operative pain, and speed recovery time. But you don’t have to take our word for it! See what our grateful patients so kindly say about us.

It has been 2 days since surgery and the excruciating pain that I have dealt with for the last 4 months is completely gone!
HVBSS Patient

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