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A herniated disc – sometimes called a slipped disc or bulging disc – occurs when the protective casing enclosing the disc tears and the gelatinous substances spill out into the spinal canal. Specifically, Lumbar Disc Herniations occur in the lower back

Spinal discs act as shock absorbers, allowing the spine to remain flexible and absorb the weight of our daily activities. A herniated disc doesn’t absorb shock like a healthy spinal disc, creating what’s often a painful condition in the lower back.

When the gelatinous substance from a herniated disc spills into the spinal cavity, nearby nerves may be irritated. In some cases, spinal cord function may be disrupted.

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  • Lower Back Pain

    The most intense pain will likely occur in your lower back, as Lumber Disc Herniations happen in the lower half of the spinal column. This pain may feel worse when you try to walk, bend over or stand up.

  • Leg Pain

    Often times the pain from a herniated disc will radiate down through your thigh, calf and sometimes all the way down to the foot. This pain may worsen when you cough, sneeze or move too quickly.

  • Numbness or Tingling

    Herniated discs may irritate nearby nerves, resulting in numbness or tingling in the part of the body connected to the affected nerve.

  • Weakness

    When a nerve is irritated by a herniated disc, sometimes the muscles connected to the affected nerve will weaken. This may make it difficult to lift or hold items and may even cause you to stumble.

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