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Bloodless surgery does not rely on the use of blood transfusions.

Virtually all of our elective procedures are performed without blood transfusions. Bloodless surgery is possible by maximizing blood counts prior to surgery, using small incisions, using special bipolar cautery to prevent bleeding during surgery, and leveraging minimally invasive surgical techniques from the outset.

Oppenheim and Degen Neurological Surgeons performs bloodless surgery to meet the personal or religious requirements of our patients, as well as for the benefits the treatment offers.

Patients who have bloodless surgery often benefit from:

  • Quicker recovery times
  • Shorter hospital stays
  • Reduced risk of complications from transfusions
  • Reduced risk of infections from transfusions

Ask us about bloodless surgery and learn if this treatment option is right for you.

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Less than twenty-four hours after surgery I was walking with no pain. That was almost four months ago & I feel fine. You are my hero.
HVBSS Patient

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